Alice is a brand new business park created as a step-up for startups and a base for established organisations right in the heart of Mediapolis @ one-north. Alice will bring together dreamers, thinkers, and makers within a vibrant environment of startup spaces, shared media facilities, and an assortment of flexible work-live- play-learn spaces.

A 200-hectare development strategically positioned in the heart of Singapore, one-north is designed to host a cluster of world-class research facilities and business park space, all built to support the growth of Biomedical Sciences, Infocomm Technology (ICT), Media, Physical Sciences & Engineering and Research & Development. Combined with educational institutes, residences and recreational amenities, it creates an ideal work-live-playlearn environment conducive for creative minds to excel and innovation to flourish. This makes it a great melting pot of talent, ideas, and business opportunities.

Habitap is developing a single, unified mobile application which seamlessly integrates all tenant and visitor requirements. The ALICE app allows tenants and pre-registered visitors the ability to use their mobile phones to gain access to the building. Tenants will also enjoy in-app concierge services and engage the ALICE community through community posts and events notifications. The ALICE app will come fully loaded with a suite of smart office features for smart workspaces, which will allow tenants to fully leverage Internet-of- Things (IoT) for their workspaces. Features include integrated mobile access for offices, smart meeting rooms, hot desk booking and smart lockers to empower tenants to leverage the latest in technology.

Incorporating a smart building management system, the ALICE app will provide tenants the ease of accessing common building services with seamless integration to facilities management features. Features include the first-of- its-kind real time application for services such as facilities booking, fault reporting, aircon extension, carpark season parking and realtime energy consumption and billing monitoring information. The smart building management system will also provide ALICE’s facility manager with a single and comprehensive backend system to better manage the operations and maintenance of the building.